Endless Connections

The installation environment grew within a collaborative Hybrid Soundscape workshop in Boisbuchet. Following the endless ways in which natural and human-made sounds ubiquitously intersect, echo and amplify each other in the world environment, the interactive installation couples sounds of the wind, birds and insects with mechanical drums and electronic buzzings reacting to the people moving in the space. Dissolving socially constructed boundaries of the natural and the artifical, the ever-changing orchestra of complementing sounds and voices opening up harmonic spheres of curioisty and imagination. 

[In collaboration with Philip Beesley, Rob Gorbet, Anne Paxton, Beatriz Eugenia Leal Alegría, Jimmy Chih Wei Chan, Filipe Costa, Mackenzie Van Dam, Hankyul Jeong, Joanna Lalowska, Torsten Lesszinsky, Julia McKaig, Gamze Saygi, Alexandros Angelidis and Carlos Guisasola – photos: philipbeesleystudioinc]