Prosthetic Sensorium

The project expands current methodologies of data-tangibility and experience-mediation practices through a monitoring station situated in a raised bog in North Germany. The sense-extension registers its surrounding environment through an inflatable resonance body equipped with piezo-electric vibration sensors and microphones,  live-streaming the soundscapes via local radio channels and the Internet

Invented for use on water bodies and specially adapted to peat bogs, this transparent and lightweight structure can access different parts of the ecosystem by traveling with rising water levels and the wind. Floating into spaces that are barely reachable for humans, the sense-extension becomes a prosthetic extension of the human body to listen to the presence of deers, croaking frogs, and migrating species like cranes – or weather phenomena such as storms and the drizzling of rain.
Listening over the period of a year allows attuning to the transformations and cycles of the ecosystem including their inhabiting lifeforms, each of them active at certain hours of the day and night.

The press kit and more information can be accessed under this link!