The speculative-playful study Spaceroutine explores the effects of changing environmental conditions such as microgravity on our life and daily habits.
Simulating a self-expeperiment under spatial constraints and personal restrictions inspired the invention of unordinary objects for living in space, using the advantages and limitations of microgravity.


A washing machine does not exist on the space station due to its usually high water consumption.
Powered by physical strength and combined with a small workout, the design of my washing machine requires about 0.9 liters of water per wash cycle. By pulling apart the handles, the machine is set in rotation like a centrifuge and washes the clothes
– works even in microgravity!


Non-living organic particles, dust, bacteria, and viruses are dangerous matter floating in the air. As a consequence, inhalation of this matter can cause infections and physical damage.
The dust collector uses ultrasonic waves, exerting acoustic levitation from 74 small speakers, creating a force field in the center of which the dust is captured.


Resulting from of 7-day-self-experiment, these cookies pressed from pure nutrient powder can replace entire meals. They are extremely efficient in terms of storage capacity and digestive waste – available in various flavors.


Illustrations made by Fabio Salvadori